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  1. The brave souls at Losanjealous attended a Steven Seagal show so that you don't have to. Their report amuses. ...I mean a certain type that seems not to have evolved in at least fourteen years. It’s the same white-haired guy in white jeans and an orange shirt from the Macy’s Young Men’s Department and his cougar girlfriend. They haven’t changed at all. She still wears her hair in ringlets and has breast implants that look like fire hydrants. And he still makes angry premeditated spins on the dance floor. And she applauds them like an elementary school teacher. It just hasn’t changed.

  2. A formerly high-ranking law enforcement intelligence officer for the State of California has alleged that his demotion was retaliation for not going along with questionable intelligence-gathering. According to him, there were plans to bug the offices of Muslim clerics and infiltrate college animal rights groups.

  3. With a name like Zachary Nicodemous, what else are you going to do but join a sex slave cult called the "Kaotians"?

  4. Like Tom, the U.S. Government is everyone's friend. Again..

  5. This collaborative project mapped the city of Barcelona for and by disabled people with mobility issues.

  6. The next Pet Sematary movie will have to include a mad taxidermist whose animatronic experiments have been all too successful.
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