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Why is there even a Finnish GWAR imitation to start with?

  1. Via Bookslut, an accurate and zingful description of "guy lit", the brother of "chick lit". Edit: The link I entered earlier doesn't work because the Chron wants you to pay for that article.

  2. Today's quote on immigration insanity is from Arizona's governor: "Show me a 50-foot wall, and I'll show you a 51-foot ladder." (Molly Ivins)

  3. The 'Vark points to an adrants article about the "Morgellons disease" phenomenon that suggests it's a big ol' hoax. I have my suspicions too, since it's 1) totally crazy and 2) a sudden big new thing on the internet.

  4. Blunders! Failures! Science Oopsies! DEAD MALLS!

  5. "Thanks" to do_not_lick for alerting me to this miracle diet based on an important book which everyone should read.
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