The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
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Seen your video, we don't wanna know, phony rock 'n' roll

The 80s music video list that jwz posted today is, of course, a huge pile of crap, but there are some gems.

The Art of Noise's Paranoimia reminds me how much I loved Max Headroom, and how much Max Headroom is like odradak after a few glasses of wine.

Being arty jerks, Bauhaus made great videos, and their cover of Ziggy Stardust is a lovely piece of desaturated aaaart. It was more impressive on a big screen in a nightclub in 1984 at midnight after some beers, though. Most other things wore, except the goddamn .38 Special video they kept showing at that place.

The big screen rule holds for Cabaret Voltaire's wonderful Sensoria as well but if you haven't seen it you must. I want to get a nice big hi-res of this one. The Poltergeist 2 preacher dancing Appalachian style witih the girl. That camera trick. Do right. Do do right.

Good live Gang of Four doing To Hell with Poverty on the Old Grey Whistle Test. Holy crap they're young.

Invisible Touch was a shitty album, but the Spitting Image puppets in the video for Land of Confusion are wonderful.

There's some real chestnuts in there, and by chestnuts I mean forgettable stuff that I wish I'd forgotten. Freur's "Doot Doot", Animotion's "Obsession" (my candidate for most coked out insane 80s video), the Lambada...
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