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This editorial writer wants us to believe that the increase in obesity in the U.S. is due to illegal immigration.

His idea is 581% insane: The "obesity epidemic" is a result of illegal immigrants doing housework, causing householders to become fat. After you've finished chewing through your biteblock considering that thought, I'd like to point out two pretty awesome things from that article:
  1. He uses the phrase "modest proposal" without bothering to recall what it means or looking it up, thus causing unintentional satire and laff riots among people who have read a book. If anyone there cared, I'd write a letter to the editor suggesting that the illegals be fed their employers.

  2. His qualification for the article is that he is a former professor at Georgetown. I translate this, as I said to the Aardvark, as: "Alfred Tella is blogging furiously among empty pizza boxes in Falls Church, VA".

  3. It shows that the right wing as represented by this paper has long since crossed over into a perfect ideological crazytown in which the only thing that matters is political correctness. Illegals? bad. Obesity? bad. Therefore they're both part of the SAME bad! Comrade, the lack of flair on your uniform indicates counterrevolutionary kulak landlordism. If you cannot see the connection it will be necessary to reeducate you.
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