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I have discovered that is possible to get Sympathy Burnout about one's own problems.

In a related discovery, I've again noticed that what's important is eating, shitting, and sleeping. Other things may temporarily seem more important but this is entirely illusory.

In a related related discovery, it is bliss to be ignorant and folly to be wise. If you know about something, it's because it's broken. Do you really want to know about your duodenum, the intricacies of microvolt-level electricity in the human brain, the idle air control valve in your 2002 Honda, the connections between the strong dollar and the perceived threat of a nuclear Iran? No, but you do, because you're barfing bile, your emotional responses are unreasonable because the EEG is fucked, the Honda guy says it'll be $280, and your country is about to go to war over currency trading.

This place where I live is the victim of premature optimization. It's like someone said in 1975 or so "okay, we got this down, CRANK IT UP ALL THE WAY" and ever since then it's been increasing wealth, increasing engine displacement, increasing solipsism, increasing illiteracy, increasing beauty, increasing greed. They forgot to check what they were optimizing before they hit the button.
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