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That's the wrong way to the top if you wanna rock 'n' roll.

  1. Kids! Have fun killing your pain and fever when you mix it up with new Do It Yourself Tylenol™ Flavors! I wonder when the first drunk will mix five of these with vodka and die.

  2. Let's all simulate really crappy weather with the National Weather Service's HOT SEAT weather emergency thingy!

  3. Football? Foucault? Football Foucault? FOUCAULT FOOTBALL!

  4. Those good old boys were singin' Go USA the day the lawns weren't mowed.

  5. In our country, trapped coal miners don't get working emergency oxygen packs. In Australia, they get iPods!

  6. SUP I'M A SHEEP is one of many fine pictures from Chris Doane.
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