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A Shout Out to My Pepys [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The American Caliban

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It's a mallomar, i guess that's what i'm describing [Apr. 30th, 2006|12:41 am]
The American Caliban
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Where the worlds of pants-filling terror and head-throbbing annoyance meet: ACTION MOVIE MARKETING:

SANTA CLARITA, Calif. (AP) -- A newspaper promotion for Tom Cruise's upcoming "Mission: Impossible III" got off to an explosive start when a county arson squad blew up a news rack, thinking it contained a bomb.

The confusion: the Los Angeles Times rack was fitted with a digital musical device designed to play the "Mission: Impossible" theme song when the door was opened. But in some cases, the red plastic boxes with protruding wires were jarred loose and dropped onto the stack of newspapers inside, alarming customers...

[User Picture]From: eyeteeth
2006-05-01 04:43 am (UTC)
I very rarely advocate destruction of property but I would have considered it an act of revolutionary justice to fucking smash those things. How obnoxious can you get?
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[User Picture]From: georgia1313
2006-05-01 07:13 am (UTC)
"It's a mallomar, i guess that's what i'm describing"
I'm leaving my boyfriend for Stephen Colbert.
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