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all hitler pez heads nonreturnable

We had a big company meeting today and we have a four point goal with synergies in it. Fortunately nothing material is changing so I can go back to sleep.

A really freaking horrible jazz band played at Diedrichs last night. They were that jazz fusion crap from the 80s, whitest music EVAR made. Attracted lots of dorky white people like flies to dog poo. In the middle of massacring the standards by noodling about in the high registers of the electric guitar, they got even whiter and played a john cougar mellencamp song.

I have a strong opinion about people like that. I feel that dorks in knit caps and nike wear and socks with sandals who play craptastic wonderbread music, who think they're being soulful, who have Frank Frazetta art on their walls, who think they're spiritual and in tune because they listen to World Music.. all need to be shot in the back of the head with large-caliber handguns.

It'll be messy at first but it will keep them from massacring "Take the A Train" at 100 db while screwing up their eyes real tight and rocking back and forth soulfully.
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