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O tempura! O morays!

  1. Old school artpunk/noise/guitar band Mission of Burma has a site for their next album, The Obliterati that includes a wiki, a song-by-song revelation of the new record, and links to Matador's subscription setup. Snazzy!

  2. Surprise! If the drug company funds the story, they get the result they want a lot of the time. Meanwhile the more effective medication is out of patent and not used. Oops.

  3. When a person becomes a millionaire, some things just have to change. The shoes. The house. The car. The spouse. And, of course, the email service. I wonder how much they'll charge for the list of 10,000 people who paid $400 a month for webmail? Talk about an ultimate sucker list.

  4. Watch Hugo Chavez bitch out Dubbya in broken English (.wmv video). Streaming quicktime mirror on my site as well.

  5. As jwz said, if you are a compulsive knot untier, this game will eat you. You're welcome!
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