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Darn, there's nothing new in my "trainwrecks" category in rss

Was awakened by pager again today to fix something insignificant. I was about to get all grumpy and then remembered that I work from home, my schedule is infinitely flexible, and I make good money. So I just fixed it.

The latest immigration "debate" is making me tired. All the local white folk keep saying things like "It's about the laws! If you're here illegally, that's unlawful, and you're breaking the law! That's not legal!" Right. And the law is ridiculous, because it doesn't reflect economic reality. And if the law was well-enforced everything would fall over with a large clonk. The latest guy to dispute that with me kept saying "That's a fallacy!" every time I pointed this own. I guess "fallacy" means "obvious fact I intend to ignore".

I have a Modest Proposal. If we are going to actually enforce this law, let's get serious. First let's bust every single business we can find who hires illegals, with hugely punitive fines. It'll pay for itself; just get loads of cops out there and hit every restaurant, every gardening operation, every cleaning crew, every building contractor or handyman company. But that won't be enough. Let's also hit their customers. If you're patronizing a business that uses illegals, you're part of the problem. Walk into a restaurant, find three illegal busboys and two illegal dishwashers? Everyone eating dinner gets a $500 fine. Find a condo complex with an illegal mowing the lawn? Every condo owner there gets a $500 fine. Or 90 days in jail. Three offenses and it's a felony with a $25,000 fine and five years in jail. Zero tolerance, baby.

Don't like it? Neither would I. Maybe we should work on laws that reflect necessity for us and for our neighbors to the south, instead of prolonging a ridiculously unworkable racist quota system. Oh, and get those fucking Irishmen in the bars back on a boat home. And the Swedes. GOD-DAMNED SWEDES.

It's such a beautiful day. I'm gonna go out and be delinquent instead of whatever chore I was supposed to do. Next stop, Cost Plus.
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