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  1. Reading an article about the Iraq war in The Economist today, I aw in an interview with a U.S. officer that the euphemism "force" for "killing people" has now been replaced with the euphemism for "force": "kinetics". Please make a note of it.

  2. My cat is hungry all the time, yet barfs a lot. She's seriously like a dog now in that every time I get up she assumes it's food time. I'm thinking we're not feeding her enough, but I don't want her to get fat again. Worry.

  3. In Nightmare Come to Life news, Floridians with soft contact lenses are getting EYE FUNGUS INFECTIONS AAA AA AAIIIIIIGGH.

  4. Check out the world champion of fast drawing!

  5. In the latest Grim Meathook News, the CDC's Morbidity & Mortality Report documents the Worst Reeboks Ever. Yeesh.

  6. Soon you'll be able to get the awesome Google Earth in your car.

  7. The headline of the day is: MAN CONVICTED FOR SHOOTING ROBOT MOOSE.

  8. Fans of the over-the-top crazy soap Passions will be delighted with their new website. I think this is the first time I've seen the Crack House font since Diablo.

  9. If you wonder whether the government is going to get your weblogs, consult this list of subpoena'd ISPs and sites.
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