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I blame torgo_x for making me taste the excitement

maciej: tough on ignatz, tough on the causes of ignatz
mike: speaking of pork gravy
maciej: my god
ignatz: You're tasting the excitement, aren't you.
maciej: how am I supposed to return to that country?
ignatz: Drunk
maciej: drunk, broke and under subpoena
nrrd: Officially licensed NASCR meats!
nrrd: That is.. awesome
maciej: makes me wonder if america's #1 sport premium meat stick will retain its lead
mike: oh good lord
nrrd: The official beef slurry of the WWE
ignatz: Shift into colon spasm with NASCAR potted meat food product!
maciej: a pit stop to remember
mike: nascar bacon, jeez
nrrd: NASCAR meat stix (r) bring the thrills, excitement, and hydrocarbon aromas of NASCAR right to your tastebuds
ignatz: That's what you call the strips of roasted flesh that fall off Jimmy Bob's ass after he runs the Daytona 500
nrrd: It's like biting down on Jeff Gordon's seat cushion after 500 laps!
ignatz: companion product
maciej: how do I get the taste of excitement out of my mouth again
nrrd: nevar forget (to courtesy flush)

Tags: americafuckyeah, commerce, food, irclogs, nascar, porkproducts
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