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One of my favorite states of being is the sweaty, slightly congested, and fully satisfied glow after eating a good curry. That's the state I inhabit now after making a pot of chicken curry and eating a couple of servings of it over basmati rice. The rice cooker makes perfect basmati if I press the "quick cooking" button.

Today I was driving through the Edge of Civilization portion of South County (Foothill Ranch, Portola) which is a set of brand new shiny suburbs and malls. At one point I looked at the car next to me at a stoplight. It was a brand new Mercedes sedan, with one male occupant in his forties. He had perfect hair. He was smoking a cigar, which being a nerd I recognized as a Hoyo de Monterrey Prensado Oscuro. And his car stereo was blaring... evangelical sermon. Acres of Diamonds, people, Acres of Diamonds.

I saw a blue Mustang with the plate: MEMERY too.
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