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Do not, repeat do not put another dime in the jukebox at this time.

  1. The always reliable Exploding Aardvark pointed me today to the best rock video ever made: Bring Me The Head Of Rooster Alfredo, by Kill Lizzie. Wow. (Quicktime)

  2. Via The Null Device, a darkly hilarious list of intellectual property craziness. My favorite: A French director had to pay $1,300 after a character in his film whistled the communist anthem, “The Internationale,” without permission.

  3. New frontiers in advertising: The popcorn machines have been replaced with the Bread of Life.

  4. Now that we're facing the most serious challenges to infectious disease management ever, it's a great time to cut the funding of the Centers for Disease Control.

  5. Oh bother! It's Apocalypse Pooh. (iFilm, insane)

  6. If you're both morbid and bored (borbid?), I suggest browsing Wikipedia's excellent List of Unusual Deaths.
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