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My Orwellian Day

Nick and I talked for about an hour about Orwell and specifically 1984. People use the word "Orwellian" a lot or say "That's so 1984", but it's a lot more than just totalitarianism and the abuse of language. 1984 is rich in detail and just about every single little detail is accurate almost to the degree of prophecy. If you haven't read it, or haven't read it in the last decade, go read.

Later I saw a regular whose name I didn't know reading Orwell from a magazine reprint. I buttonholed him and said "Orwell! Good stuff!" and we had a big talk. He's a high school teacher and was preparing lessons. I told him about the big fat cheap Orwell essays book. He said "Animal Farm is the book I recommend for my friends who don't read, because it's so easy and short and so full of huge ideas." I really liked him. I also pointed him towards Politics and the English Language, about which he had forgotten.

Then I went to Mother's and bought groceries and the cost was $19.84. At one point I was on a screen at the checkout that said "19.84: YES OR NO?" and to get my food I had to click YES. I clicked it. They fed me. I loved Big Mother.

In unrelated news I found out that the_silent_one has a GUN hanging in her DOGHOUSE. You've been warned.
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