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There is a disease called pseudopseudohyperparathyroidism and it is not hyphenated.

  1. Hey Stuart! Carlos has some competition. WFMU presents some serious puppet speedmetal action. This is seriously the most metal thing I've seen in forever.

  2. Via robotwisdom, this scopitone video circa 1965 suggests that some mixture of martinis and curare was a recreational drug then. Holy cow. More of the same at also.

  3. Let's sprinkle tiny spy sensors all over the place! It'll be cool!

  4. It had to happen. After all, the Clash have action figures now. This kind of marketing is stupid and contagious.

  5. As Bob Trout would say: "I was in the Navy. No boats. Lots of guns and helicopters."

  6. What's funnier than an increasingly oppressive, authoritarian society? I'll tell you what! Banning high school students from doing a play written to criticize the last oppressive, authoritarian mess we had 50 years ago, that's what! An iron curtain has fallen over Fulton, Missouri...

  7. I'm not sure, but it looks like Tom Stoppard has had some kind of disabling stroke.
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