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I had two dinners today

Pasta e fagioli and a romaine salad with blue cheese and walnuts. Then out into the brisk evening (read: too cold for me) to see if friends were about. joyfulagitator was about to kill us all but fortunately others showed and I assume they went off to have Actual Fun. salome_st_john popped up outa nowhere and we went to Kappo Honda and grazed a bit. They're really good at this pumpkin croquette thing they do. You know. The thing. With a pumpkin croquette.

I got wrong number email today thanking me for linking to which when you'll see it I think you'll agree has some of the worst crafts material ever created. Holy crap that Noah's Ark thing.

There were a couple of very 1998 looking industrial goth guys at the Harbor/Gisler Chevron station tonight filling up their shitty old pickup. They both had gigantic bottlebrush hair extensions in a ghastly maroon shade, those high boots with lots of buckles, those stripey socks, white faces with lots of eye makeup, the Gothy Man-Skirt. They were seriously mansoning my marilyn. Other stereotypes at the gas station included the Vietnamese girl with the blond-streaked hair and the Scion Tc and the chainsmoking Persian cab driver who was going to blow us all up.

Everyone wants to touch my robot.
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