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Hi everybody. This is what's going on lately. I don't see a lot of you in person and some of you not at all, and a lot of people don't log in, or read this by RSS. So, general update on public entry.

My car broke. It needed a new transmission. The Honda Corporation unexpectedly replaced the entire transmission for free because the broken 3rd gear clutch pack is a known problem on the '01 CL and they extended the warranty. Thank you Honda Corporation for being stand-up folks and eating a $3000 repair job.

I've been reading about Buddhism lately. Not so much the religion with 72 hells and a thousand saints and lots of gold leaf, but the daily practice of it. It's fascinating to me once again, although I'm completely unable to practice meditation. It's just interesting to learn more about.

I'm still doing neurofeedback and EMDR. I am not happy with my progress and I do not have a good feeling about the future. I am frequently irritable, withdrawn, distractable, and deeply depressed. I apologize to anyone bothered by my behavior. Most of what I am working on is an attempt to fix relationships, and I have not been very successful. I wish there was not a barrier between me and everyone else, because I like other people a lot.

I hope all of you are well and I miss seeing you in person.
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