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set sail for pegboy island!

Had a nice dinner tonight with salome_st_john who is my future ex-girlfriend although she doesn't know it. Ate throbbing meat. Was able to present her with a panda-related gift, which was nice. Yes, eyeteeth, she greeted me hopping and waving her hand as instructed!

I went to D's for a bit and it felt like the fucking Arctic. I know it was only 52F with a mild wind but I wanted to die. So I went to Tower Records. I'd like to confirm for all of you that the music industry is dead. There was nothing new there that anyone would want to buy. The clerks were playing some generic numetal/emo shit that they obviously liked not much more than I did. Nothing there was worth the $18.99 they charge for CDs. It's kind of sad. This whole industry is dead but still ambulatory.

The Lido Diner's hearts of romaine salad is awesome.

A friend of mine is getting married this summer and I got a pre-invitation in the mail which was a fridge magnet. Ever get the feeling that the world is accelerating very, very fast?
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