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Hey everybody! Let's go out to Sutra tonight, get plowed, and impersonate a cop! That always turns the girls' heads.

COSTA MESA – A 29-year-old Downey man was arrested early today after he reportedly flashed an LAPD-style detective's badge at police at a nightclub and then later when he was stopped on suspicion of drunken driving.

Pedro R. Davila had approached two uniformed police officers at Sutra, a Costa Mesa nightclub, shown the badge and said he was a Los Angeles Police Department officer assigned to the Downey station. Later the officers realized that Downey has its own police department, said Costa Mesa police Sgt. Mike Ginther.

The same officers later pulled a gray Porsche over when it was observed weaving on the roadway leading to the Costa Mesa (55) Freeway and nearly hit another vehicle, Ginther said.

Davila again showed the badge and said he was an LAPD officer.

Ginther said the suspect was arrested and admitted that he was not a police officer but instead used the badge to impress women. He claimed to have purchased the badge on the Internet. The investigation is continuing.

Davila is being held in the Costa Mesa City Jail on suspicion of impersonating a police officer and driving under the influence of alcohol.
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