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Psychopathic Parking

Psychopathic Parking, originally uploaded by conradh.

For some folks it's not enough just to buy the F350 Super Duty truck. Or to buy the crew cab version. Or to get the "FX4 Offroad" package, lift it, and load it up with accessories. No, the important part here is causing a confrontation of some kind, using the truck, so that there can be some manhood and throwdowns and getting up in someone's grill, as they say. A good way to do this is to take two parking spots in a suburban parking lot where you don't belong, when all the other trucks are at the far end of the lot because their drivers were grownups.

Tags: assholes, carculture, douchebags, duderanchnation, fuckyou, kean, keancoffee, lamers, newportbeach, parking, patio, psychopathy, sociopathy, truckmuscle, walkintall
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