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"While My Guitar Gently Beeps"

Fed up posing in front of the mirror strumming a tennis racket? Still searching in vain for the lost chord? Help is on hand for all aspiring rock gods thanks to Fender® and Intel, who’ve teamed up to create a concept guitar that explores the possibilities and redefines the term ‘music on the move’ – an internet-enabled super guitar**.”NO

Beginning with the iconic FENDER Telecaster ® - made famous by legends from Bruce Springsteen to Franz Ferdinand – the ‘surf guitar’ is the world’s first to allow you to download and playback your favourite riffs from the internet without touching the strings, so you can sound like Bo Diddley while doing diddly-squat.

Incorporating the latest Intel® Centrino® Mobile technology, the supercharged TELE® also means players can:
  • Send a quick email in-between songs on stage
  • Scour the web for inspiration… or chords they’ve forgotten
  • Practice their guitar solo grimaces via a built in webcam
  • Check their royalties online
Simon Shipley, UK and Ireland Brand Manager said: “Forty years after the first surf guitar sounds came out of California, a new generation of ‘surfing guitars’ have been born.”

“With this guitar, it doesn’t matter if you’re Joe Walsh or Joe Bloggs, you’ll sound just as good once you get this guitar online, download a few of your favourite tracks, and strike a pose in front of the mirror. And if you’re already halfway to becoming a rock legend, this guitar will help you to record, playback and email your music to your agent, your band, or just your mates with the minimum hassle.
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