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We're phrasing out the neologidigm coinagwise

DJ Codswallop: substitute: do a sanity check for me
DJ Codswallop: is "vision space" an existing buzzword
substitute: it's not familiar to me...
DJ Codswallop: guh.
DJ Codswallop: well.
DJ Codswallop: i just coined it, i guess
DJ Codswallop: this is why you should never let me write proposals while tweaking
substitute: Is vision space like customer space but for internal customers who are knowledge workers?
DJ Codswallop: vision space is more like an enteprise-wide architecture that is service oriented yet goals driven
DJ Codswallop: on a go-forward basis
substitute: this meta-presentation gives an overview at the 100,000 foot level for decision-makers of our ROI-based framework which has been developed as a wireframed model of ur mom
DJ Codswallop: substitute you are my brother in christ
DJ Codswallop: but the next time i see you i will kill you
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