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The new mail order brides are here!

Quotes from some that just arrived in my mailbox:

"The friend on correspondence. Clever, kind, idle time."

"Difficultly about itself to write, as in me it is combined two persons: serious lady and very lovely girl. "

"You were lucky once if you haven't known me.:)"

"I love much to write in the questionnaire it is not meaningful, I AM MARRIED here not such unit therefore it was necessary to play a cunning trick)) and to write that lonely to whom interestingly write necessarily I shall answer)"

"Has finished university of culture and arts, by a trade the manager of tourist sphere; I like to learn for myself a lot of new and interesting; I am fond of a photo. I earn additionally model, I like to leave on a nature, I play in the big tennis, I am engaged in navigation"

"The attractive girl formed, with good sense of humour)) About itself it is hard to write.."

"The man of my dreams has soft adoring eyes,a loving faithful heart, and strong nice thighs. "
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