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I can dump all the medical intervention, diet, exercise, personal struggle, and philosophical attempts to deal with various mental and physical problems, because the HARMONY CHIP is here! Bring on the donuts, whiskey, casual unprotected sex, and sloth!

How To Cure Yourself of almost ANY Disease Or Ailment In Ninety
Days...Or Less...Using The 'Harmony Chip' -- Or Your Money Back,


So many pain-stricken people have gushed about the almost magical
disappearance of dis-ease and ailments that have prevented them
from living a full, enjoyable life.

One man, after six weeks, stopped taking morphine shots for his
chronic arthritis; a medical doctor no longer worries about ankle
sprains because her chronically weakened Achilles tendon has,
after many years, finally healed;
21 years after a spinal operation, one man finally got rid his
pain associated with the area of surgery - in just 36 hours; 3
years later, he's still pain-free.

Fact is: If you suffer from arthritis...arthrosis...hypertension
..osteoporosis...rheumatism...fibromyalgia...gout -- or almost
ANY other form of illness or disease -- you can rid your body of
any of these and never worry about visiting the doctor ever

You see, all these diseases are caused by one thing. And that is
the abnormally high levels of toxic waste trapped inside your

They clump together as deposits in your muscles, joints, bones,
blood vessels, intestines and elsewhere simply because your blood
is too weak to flush them out. Your body struggles to get them
out, but, because of wimpy blood, it gives up, and piles up more
and more poison, instead.

These poisonous deposits in your joints cause arthritis and
arthrosis; in your lymph glands, they produce unsightly gout; in
your bones, osteoporosis; in your muscles, painful rheumatism;
attached to the inside of your blood vessels, hypertension.

So stubborn are they that the pills and concoctions fed to you by
your doctor and pharmacist will never dislodge them. Worse, they
NEVER rejuvenate your blood.

So, what will you do? Continue flogging a dead horse and
depleting your bank account to enrich your doctor and pharmacist
while your health races toward the grave?

Why don't you join the throng of happy, healthy people in Europe
who've already experienced the magic of the 'Harmony Chip'?

After 22 years of successful research and development which began
in 1983 at the University of Stuttgart in Germany, scientists
have perfected and captured in a tiny chip, the raw healing power
of the new quantum and oscillation technologies.

What this tiny, yet revolutionary 'Harmony Chip' does is to boost
and strengthen your blood so that it becomes fully potent, just
as nature intended. Powerful enough to suck up the toxins from
any part of your body, transport them to the kidney, skin or any
of your excretory organs, and flush them out of your body once
and for all!

It's that simple!

And as unbelievable as it sounds, this is wholly true. That's
why, within the first 2-3 weeks of its use, many users confide
that their urine is darker and exudes a strong smell. After 8
weeks, most...if not all...of the toxins will vanish and you'll
be a whole, brand new you...again!

Can you imagine the joy in your family's faces when they see you
moving around briskly without pain?

Could you get excited about strolling confidently into your
doctor's office and expecting him/her to be startled on
discovering your blood pressure is a normal 120/80?

How about celebrating your new-found health with the money your
doctor and pharmacist would've been enjoying?

You can take the first step to your new life starting right NOW!

Your 'Harmony Chip' will arrive at your door by confidential,
international, registered air mail complete with a full 90-day
money-back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied with the
remarkable improvement in your health...or for any reason at all.

Your investment in your re-birth will only be $177. With its
guarantee to function for at least 10 years, this $177 you sow
today will yield ten years of renewed vim, vigour and vitality
without any further medical expenses.

So, don't delay. Your 'Harmony Chip' is ready to be shipped to
you. Order right now and we'll rush it to you by air as quickly
and as efficiently as is humanly possible.


Yours harmoniously,

Karma Singh
Managing Director
Harmony United Ltd.
London & Munich

I wonder what happens if you remove the protective foil? Do all your diseases and poor choices fall on top of you and kill you? Melting, melting, what a world?
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