The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

while Nat King Cole sang "Welcome to my world'...

Udon soup for dinner two nights in a row. Last night with a few frozen langoustines tossed in, tonight with a cut-up chicken breast. Both times with a sweet red pepper and a few mushrooms. The udon-in-a-bag stuff I got has unusually sparky spices in it; I was coughing and my eyes were watering a few times. I didn't think Japanese people used a lot of pepper in soups! It's just the thing in this drudgy weather though. Lunch today was a BELT (bacon egg lettuce & tomato sandwich) which was also a fine, fine thing.

Trying to focus through attention problems to get some reading done. I've read most of Stephen Batchelor's Buddhism Without Beliefs and I like it so far. I like Buddhist thought and practice, but the 79 heavens and hells and saints and devils and flying things were too much for me.

They didn't listen to me at the dealership last time when I told them the car was slipping a bit between 2nd and 3rd. Now it's really slipping, and in fact has gone completely off at least twice and spun up near redline. Argh. Must now get car fixed again next week.

I'm looking forward to seeing The Predicate at Din Din tomorrow night. Who else wanna go?
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