The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

more ether, george

I awoke in a black depression this morning, only to be jollied into a fit of giggling by the Aardvark's Curious George Culture Wars post.

The other day we had discussed the difference between "cripes" and "yeesh", both of which she uses as tags for posts on It was my opinion that "cripes" could be used for any type of fucked-up situation, but that "yeesh" indicated not only that things were really jacked, but that someone was being a total lamer.

This is why the government needs to track us on the Internet, because the difference between a cripes and a yeesh is just the kind of subtle code that our biowarfare sleeper cell the terrorists use to signal their cohorts.
Tags: aardvarks, art, blog, cripes, culture, curiousgeorge, honk, lamers, lol, no, terror, what, yeesh
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