The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

Area City Totally Like Manhattan Now

A reliable source has revealed to me the following facts about the Costa Mesa City Planning Commission:
  1. The area around the Lab and Camp nouveau malls is now known as SOBECA for the "South on Bristol Entertainment, Culture, and Arts" district. I'm sorry if you just spewed your coffee. I'll wait a sec here while you mop up. Okay, ready? The website for this conceit is and you're welcome!

  2. West 19th Street, home to numerous carnicerias, a lawnmower repair shop, a Smart & Final, one two rock 'n' roll bars, and a few good restaurants is now to be known as the "19 West District". I think this weekend I'll stop by Alejandro's drive through and hand out corsages and/or cummerbunds to the customers that say "19 West" on them in Swarowski Crystal.
Tags: cityplanning, costamesa, honk, local, lol, mybutt, nobridgenotunnel, orangecounty, politics, waitingforguffman
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