The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

serutan and serotonin

  1. Ads. Eggs. Ads on eggs. Ads on eggs? AAADDSSS OONNNN EGGGSSSS! (via AdJab)

  2. The CPSC would like to warn you about the sunroom roof glass... ...OF DOOM!

  3. Hey Torgo! Your Industrial Art Gallery made it on to Bibliodyssey! And rightly so.

  4. Hacking for money got this guy in severe trouble for only 61 grand in revenue, and that was the prosecutor's estimate. He would have been better off knocking over liquor stores.

  5. The 30 second bunny treatment is now applied to Night of the Living Dead.

  6. You may get a car guy boner for this 600 HP 392 MOPAR engine, but to me it's a sign of how dead and stupid American car engineering is. Welcome back to 1970.
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