The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

apologia pro loco suo

I offer a general apology for my behavior, which has been erratic and damaging to others lately.

Physical changes in my brain and associated emotional distress have at least temporarily warped my personality. My current view of the world is so obviously distorted that I can't say definitively what is going on. Some of you have had similar experiences and may understand what I mean, but you don't have to; you can just say I'm nuts, and that'll do.

I've been an egotist, a professional patient, and needy to the point of requiring unavailable levels of reassurance. I've been quick to anger and easily triggered into huge floods of emotion by things that other people have found trivial. Much of my behavior only made sense in a context I can't expect anyone else to share.

No one is required to accept my public or private apologies, or to put up with me at all for that matter. I've been angry, demanding, suspicious, deeply depressed, irrational, and completely terrified for a long time now, beyond the capacity of most reasonable people to accept. For a shorter time I've been open about those things here, which in retrospect was a terrible mistake on many levels. I would not fault anyone for writing me off, as painful as that might be.

Some of you have been privately critical of me, in the best sense, without damning but without finessing the point. It wasn't easy to hear some of those things, but harsh truth was better than easy. That's seriously the most valuable thing any friend has given me, ever.

It's not assured that I'll survive this experience at all, much less that I'll emerge as someone you'll want to know. Wish me luck even if you're wishing me goodbye.
Tags: brain
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