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bloodhound or anticipatory spasm? you decide

Went to D's last night and saw the lovely and talented bruisedhips who kept me up on celebrity doings via the magazine she was reading. It was good to see her back here in civilization.

Also talked quite a bit with my friend C who is in a suit and countersuit battle with her insane former landlord, and is changing her career from mathematics to architecture, and therefore had good stories to tell. The management at D's is terrified of her since she wrote a letter to them ripping a strip off their incompetent and lazy-ass antics.

Today I tried and failed to buy a soldering iron at Fry's. Long story short they haven't really got capitalism down to a science there. I ordered from a Yahoo! shop instead. I need to get my solder on, as I'm returning to the world of radio geekery and have to make a packet radio cable so that my Paccomm Handy-TNC and my Yaesu VX-5R HT can hook up to my linux laptop!!! [snorting noises]

I've been pretty depressed lately. I need to stop thinking about all the fucked-up things I can't change.
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