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We would also drink red flavored punch beverages

When I was in sixth grade, I'd go to my friend Jamie's house after school sometimes. Jamie's parents weren't around after school. We would cook up a can of Chef Boy-ar-dee ravioli and go up in his room. The room had a cool loft in it, and we'd climb up there. We would play records and look at dirty magazines while eating our Chef Boy-Ar-Dee. I remember looking at all this weird crap in the dirty magazines like dildoes and ball-stretchers and various other things that you stick in people or have people whack you with. We didn't understand any of it but pretended to each other that we did.

Jamie had a record player in his room, too, so we listened to stuff. Mostly we listened to whatever we weren't supposed to, so dirty comedy was the #1 choice. A personal favorite of his was "The Crepitation Contest" which was all about farting. Also there was some Monty Python.

And then we'd listen to some ELO. Which is why Matthew Sweet's version of "Do Ya" triggered this memory.

Weird thing is, I still like Chef Boy-Ar-Dee ravioli although I know it's shit.
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