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language notes

  1. It's easy to convert a simple statement into a simple asshole statement. Simply prefix it with "Um". Try it! It works every time!

  2. The following usage is proscribed and prohibited and will be punished: use of the German word "uber" as a generic comparative or superlative. Examples: "We didn't want to swear around her because she's uber religious"; "Of course, if there are things on an uber level that any of you see as problematic, please let me know ASAP so we can figure out the best way to resolve." The second example arrived in email today and caused me to swear and frighten the cat.

  3. "Righteous" and "self-righteous" do not mean the same thing. A righteous person is one who does the right thing. A self-righteous person is someone who declares him or herself to be righteous, and this usage is pejorative. In short they're almost opposites. Thanks.

  4. Dear the Kia Company: Like many car manufacturers, you've chosen Italianate names for your car. Sorrento is a very nice town and an acceptable name for a carr, but why did you take a letter out and call it the "Sorento"? Was it just to hurt me, every time I see that ad? Was that it? WAS THAT IT?
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