The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

consumer victory

The warranty on my car just paid off big time. With 97,700 miles out of the 100,000 the warranty allows, I just had a really weird obscure electrical problem. It took them all week to fix, including taking the seat out of the car, replacing various parts and having that not fix it, calling the mothership, ordering a "multiplexer", and crying out in rage and despair to the uncaring Demiurge.

My cost? $50. This is only the second time in five years that anything broke on the car, so my total cost for non-consumables under warranty has been $100. On this repair I had to replace the rear vision mirror, which the warranty doesn't cover, so that and the interval service and the week-long electrical diagnostic ordeal cost me a total of $380.

I heart Acura.
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