The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

overheard at Diedrich

D.Z. is standing outside looking uncomfortable in the cold in a windbreaker with the hood up. Enter MEDICATED BOB, who's neither totally insane or totally okay today.

D.Z. looks even more uncomfortable as MEDICATED BOB approaches him.


D.Z.: Hey.

MEDICATED BOB: I haven't had a drink since Thanksgiving?

D.Z.: I haven't had one for 22 years. It's not something you brag about, it's something you do.

MEDICATED BOB: [inaudible]

D.Z.: Don't drink, take your meds, take it easy.

MEDICATED BOB exits into the coffeehouse.

D.Z.: Guys who do that shit, drinking when they're taking, whatever, Klonopin for the psychosur.. psycho.. psychosomatic? No, all fucked-up. I tell them to stop the drinking first, then switch to Xanax or something, but no drinking, with that shit. Maybe with some Valium or whatever, not with that psycho stuff. Fucked-up.
Tags: characters, diedrich, local, patio
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