The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

For some reason the links post took me forever today

  1. Here's a good question. Why didn't they have female crash test dummies all along? It reminds me of the way they test drugs only on men, still.

  2. CBC presents a top ten of literary hoaxes; Slate has good articles on both the Frey/Leroy phenomena and Frey's flunked rehab personality and why it matters.

  3. One of the few moments in my entertainment journalism/internet career that mattered and moved me was an interview I did with Helen Prejean at the time that Dead Man Walking was being released as a film. The Guardian has a good piece about her online right now.

  4. Evidence that diabetes or metabolic syndrome might be reversed by a relatively short dietary course is interesting. Note the knee-jerk reply from the diabetes association. They're so focused on keeping patients behaviorally in line that they have really become dogmatic about the impossibility of a cure. It's pretty sad.

  5. If you liked Gridiron Cuvée, you'll love JARHEAD RED.

  6. This cookbook is entirely MADE OF MEAT.
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