The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

just another sucka on da vine

This wants to be my myspace friend:
Konnected Inc was established in January 2004, based out of Irvine California. The company's main objective is to plan, promote and operate specific events for businesses looking to increase traffic, build awareness, create a steady flow of sales, promote an image and deliver a message.

Konnected Inc specializes in promoting, but not limited to, nightly entertainment, focusing mainly on dance/night clubs in Orange County and surrounding areas.
. Okay, DJ company, typical. I browse around looking at their leadership.

I find Steve. Steve lists his location on myspace as "Da Vine, OC". Has anyone else here ever seen the city of Irvine referred to as "Da Vine"? I am familiar with "Da Bronx", and "The LBC", and "The Downs" and "The Gardens" in Watts. I'll even accept "The OC" because we all called it that as a joke long before the TV show.

"Da Vine" just has to fucking go, though, Steve. I was going to post a picture of Steve, but all pictures of 20-something suburban kids throwing gang signs or the "shocker" are the same, whether they are with augmented party babes or not. I will point out that one of his pictures is at a suburban baby shower, though, and it looks genuine and kind of sweet.
Tags: appropriation, culture, myspace, society, southcountyrepresent, straightouttairvine
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