The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

The Suit

I need to buy a suit, since I don't have one. The next wedding, funeral, job interview, or trial I'm involved in will demand it. Ideally I'll get married, go on a job interview and be turned down, come home and murder my wife in a bizarre psychotic reaction to failure, and be tried for the crime, and the suit will pay for itself.

I know friendly_bandit had good luck at Robinsons-May. Are there other recommendations for suit purchasing in Southern California, preferably in Orange County?

I'm going to buy the "all purpose dark suit" this time and it should be as near to all-weather as possible. No white sharkskin, seersucker, or heavy heavy wool.
Tags: clothing, commerce, local, menswear, sharpdressedman, southerncalifornia, womensweartoo
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