The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

New Year's Song

This song was written by my best L.A. friend, Greg Franco. It's about a New Year's Eve party I attended, which was I think 1992-3. It was one of Greg's "radio show" parties where we had a DJ setup and people did shifts as the DJ while backannouncing songs radio style.

Like most of the gathering then it was an emotional evening. We all had too much to drink and most of us were unhappy about the poverty, stupidity, and anomie of our lives as 20-something failures in the big city. We listened to underground music and old soul and Tim Buckley and hugged each other and guzzled cheap beer and bourbon. Most of us stayed up all night.

I have a very clear memory of dawn in that apartment in the Valley. Everything was grey, from the sky to the carpet, and it was cold. I had a mild alcohol headache and the cramps you get from sleeping on a too-small sofa. Someone was still spinning records quietly and I could hear Nick Drake's "Time Has Told Me" from the next room. Dawn lasted for about three days. It's one of those frozen moments I can look at any time.

Greg's song captures that night and morning perfectly, I think.

Ferdinand - 31 (.mp3)
Tags: memory, mp3, music, newyear, personalhistory, personalnarrative
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