The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

computers are hard and the government spies on me from the air vent

caladri points out that some people lost their heads because the all-knowing government spy agency, the NSA, put cookies on people's computers.

A "privacy advocate" named Daniel Brandt is upset about this, and has previously been upset about the CIA using persistent cookies on their public website.

I feel sorry for the web monkey who put those in for whatever boring typical reason people use persistent cookies, because that person is in big trouble. I also think that a "no persistent cookies" policy for websites of this kind is a fine idea, almost entirely because it reduces this kind of pointless paranoia. But let's get real, here. You can turn off cookies, and anyone who's serious about privacy does. There's no way the NSA is using persistent cookies to track individual website visitors; that's inane.

Danny boy, the NSA has shit you don't even know about, probably archiving the entire Internet way better than Alexa and analyzing it and putting it in databases and crunching it up to find Al-Qaeda and screw the Chinese. They don't need "cookies", okay? Oh, and by the way, you keep mispelling "rendez-vous" in your emails to your mistress, the one in Dayton. Get that shit straight, okay?

This was almost as "good" as the podjacking idiot.
Tags: computers, government, idiots, no, paranoia, privacy, security, tinfoilboxers, tinfoilhat, tinfoilpanties
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