The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

Cow 54, Where Are You?

  1. The Gap's ad agency does what I've wanted to do forever: totally destroy a store. I like the animal at the end.

  2. The Aardvark points me to a helpful service for people with lame forums. This should be great for all those Big-Time Commercial Bloggers!!!!!

  3. Saks now offers men the opportunity to shop with a Playboy Bunny. I wonder does this mean you have to buy things for the bunny, like at a taxi dance club? If you buy enough things, do you get bunny-blown on the loading dock? Do the bunnies wear their hilarious 1950s fucktail waitress suits during the experience? For how long do your friends mock you after you make a Hooters out of yourself buying socks?

  4. An architecture blogger who usually writes about Wal-Mart takes on big box churches. Those things fascinate me.

  5. Oh hey great, someone heisted 400 pounds of plastique from a place that had no guards and no security cameras. I'd like to thank that company in advance for the next gigantic terrorist bomb that goes off.

  6. Thank you, Judge Smackdown, for that bodyslam of the inane I.D. people.

  7. Today's Strange Reaction is serial killer music
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