The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

good day.

Didn't have to do much work. salome_st_john took me to dinner at Lido Diner for my birthday and I ate chicken fried snake steak. Went to D's and saw changeng's holiday show including audience participation craziness as documented in the last entry. bruisedhips, klikitak, and the_angelmoroni were... ...entertaining as a singing group.

I saw people I hadn't seen in forever and met some nice new people. Hi there mcpino! Also, people I hadn't seen happy for months were practically glowing, which was awesome.

There was a fair amount of Six Degrees of WTF as people from different bits of my life recognized each other. "Oh, he's the one in the motorcycle crash picture!" etc. There was some high-quality storytelling also, including: the awkwardness of a first BDSM date; a sweaty guy who brought a scorpion into the coffeehouse today just sitting on his hand; Jonathan Richman; and other stuff I forgot.

There was a guy with long grey hair and a leather jacket and a pockmarked face and he looked exactly like Bob Forrest from Thelonious Monster if Bob had aged normally since 1985. I wonder.

Stuart played really well, including a version of the Twelve Days of Christmas that sounded like it was done by the Curse Pirate on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

Now I'm having an '01 Mondavi Merlot in my house that has the heater fixed finally. Life is good tonight.
Tags: diedrich, friends, local, patio, personalnarrative, stuartpearson, tag
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