The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

second spam du jour: CLEAR YOUR SPACE

These people seem like Scientology Junior combined with TM and Faux Feng Shui.

Clear your space - Clear your life!
Can thoughts and feelings affect our environment? According to this new best-selling book, the Do It Yourself Space Clearing Kit, author Christan Hummel says yes! Citing examples of lowered atmospheric and water pollution, reduced crime rates in cities, and even changes in severity of weather patterns, it all hinges on a simple form of prayer to reconnect us consciously with Nature. This, according to Hummel, is our birthright and destiny as a planet as we rediscover an ancient Goddess tradition of feng shui, one which sees Nature as alive and conscious and our partner in creation.

While the book explores uses of this relationship to clear the vibrational imprints of thoughts, feelings, ancient battles, and entities left in our homes and offices... something feng shui calls "space clearing", the implications for planetary uses are profound as she sites specific case examples worldwide of the success of such efforts by small, yet powerful, groups around the planet. "It must first start at the home", Hummel explains, and this book provides simple, easy to use examples of how to do just that.

During the next couple of days, many wonderful people have come together to support this book by offering special gift offers for each purchase. To find out more, simply go to our website.

This offer expires soon, so don't delay.

Learn to make your home your sanctuary and beacons of light connecting Heaven on Earth.
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