The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

Benedict Arnold Slept Here

Current list of things broken in my house:
  • Water pipe inside slab (repaired)
  • Drywall and paint damaged by flood (repaired)
  • Vanity in bathroom destroyed
  • Carpet in hallway, living room, one bedroom destroyed
  • Thermostat for heater working only intermittently status post handyman "looking at it". (new one just installed)
  • Forced-air natural gas heater dead even when started manually; fan motor broken; entire heater needs replacement. (Heater may be as much as 40 years old.) (installed as of this moment)
  • Front door deadbolt won't close status post handyman "fixing" doorknob/lock issues.
  • Toilet flush mechanism does not stop unless you "do it right".
  • Cover on fluorescent light over kitchen counter falls off periodically with a loud bang.
  • Slab under house is "efflorescing", which will inevitably require slab replacement at some future date.
Tags: entropy, house, selfindulgent, suburbia
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