The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

I think I'll call you "appetite".

  1. Baristas, coffee obsessives and others may enjoy Ursi's links to Latte Art today.

  2. I expect weird stuff to happen in Southern California, but not an official Catholic heresy trial in San Bernardino. (Bugmenot if you get registration honk)

  3. From these illustrations it would appear that 17th century eye doctors would put donuts on your eyes.

  4. Beware of fraudulent flu cures.

  5. I do not claim to understand why the World's Fastest Clown would be an effective anti-drug program for kids. (obvious coulrophobia warning for miss_education and others)

  6. Here are some useful cover sheets for the TPS reports at your office (PDF). Those of you who work with actual secret information should probably not use them. Thanks, 'Vark!!

  7. I wonder if spacemummy has done any Mexican wrestling movies?
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