The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

Kicks just keep gettin' harder to find

  1. If you think diesels aren't fast enough, try taking on the new Audi R10 race car. The engine itself is something of a marvel.

  2. In Mexico there is a more.... relaxed attitude towards using people as circus freaks for humorous purpose. Hence, Mexican Midget Rodeo. Hence, one of the performers having a very, very bad day with a bull. At least he wasn't also lit on fire.

  3. mendel points me to Regret The Errors 2005 roundup of corrections, including a magnificent Error of the Year. I'm reminded of the time our local rag broke the iron rule: do not repeat the error in the caption. One morning a correction said: "In Tuesday's issue, there was an incorrect photo caption. The caption that should have read "Mrs. Buffy Buffington III and her daughter, Tiffany, at the Babes in Toyland Gala for Pediatric AIDS at the Marriott." Instead, it read "CRACK BABIES."

  4. Say hello to our new Berlin San Diego Wall, which will fuck the environment hard and not keep anyone out. As Ronald Reagan once said, Mr. President, tear down that wall.
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