The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

"Black humor" is redundant

  1. Courtney sells some of Kurt's songs to... wait for it... Oh don't worry. It's a good thing. edit:The paper is a tabloid, sometimes makes shit up. Story not yet found elsewhere. Great legend if it's fake, though!

  2. Movies come to life as giant jellyfish attack Japan. Wearing tights can be an effective defense. Students have succeed in turning them into tofu.

  3. Today's Woot deal is a really good bread machine for $75, shipped. Go now buy.

  4. Tulane is hacking itself to pieces after Katrina. WSJ story here may require registration. Short version: They're axing 22 programs of study and firing 53 professors and a third of their medical school faculty. Bye bye university.

  5. The data on Tylenol just gets worse and worse. Now it seems that you can poison yourself with 20 pills a day. I bet a lot of neurotic people do that much Tylenol.
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