The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

From Spy Magazine, 1992

I grabbed this from an online archive of the magazine. Spy was the Onion and the Daily Show of the 1980s and early 1990s. This was one of my favorite bits and I'm glad to see it again.

Women in Love: Spy’s Pocket Guide to the Best-sellers

Ivana Trump, Woman of Letters – In her novel, For Love Alone, Ivana Trump tells the story of Katrinka Graham, a plucky Czech skiert who emigrates to America and marries the rich and powerful Adam Graham. A roman à clef? No way – Katrinka is beautiful without benefit of plastic surgery, and Adam is not a bullying blowhard. Here’s how Ivana captures Katrinka’s thoughts at certain dramatic moments:

  • On skiing over the Czech border to freedom: “Ayiiiiii!”

  • When consoling a friend on her troublesome love life: “Ay yi yi.”

  • On meeting the long-lost son she gave up at birth: “Ay yi yi yi.”

  • When finally divorced from Adam: “Ay yi yi yi.”

  • On hearing her friend is deserting her husband: “Ay yi yi yi.”

  • When she is offered a rich chocolate dessert: “Ay yi yi yi.”

Tags: 80s, humor, magazines
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