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Enrique, Hans, and Andrew also had little lambs but this was not recorded at the time.

  1. I missed this on Pro-Med, but Aetiology caught it: Starving Miskito natives in Nicaragua are getting an inexplicable psychosis called "Grisis Signis". From my own point of view, being in a famine-stricken region due to a plague of rats would be enough reason to go nuts with a machete. Fascinating story, though.

  2. The classic Tommy Seebach "Apache" video has at least two remixes

  3. Oops. Just because he's an environmental activist doesn't mean he burned all the SUVs.

  4. Shades of the hashishim: Guerillas in Iraq may be hopping themselves up with military hallucinogens. That sure would help if you were a suicide bomber. It's easier to be an asshole when you're high, too. Chris Hedges' account of the Bosnia war shows that hardcore murderers about to commit genocide always got really drunk first.

  5. tuliphead alerts us to important tips on how to be a rock star guitar god. genericus please take note.

  6. trinnit points out your new IM buddy problem: lol its not a virus lol im ur pal lol ur scrood sux 2 be u.

  7. Hey ranai, what do you think of this Celebrity Caricature Finder? Seems like it might piss off you guys by harvesting stuff, but it's a fun toy.

  8. San Francisco cheese mongers and other cheesy friends, beware of morons who think you have cocaine. (Thanks, vark!)

  9. Let's deconstruct Christmas music. It's got to beat listening to the stuff.
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