The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

Correction: graves are not primarily made by pretty girls

  1. YOW! It's a live restaurant webcam from Germany. Your chance to find out if the Krauts have a "five second rule".

  2. No one goes to Burning Goat any more. It's just for frat boys and drunk farmers from Gavle.

  3. The bees, they know our faces.

  4. The dogs, they are laughing at us.

  5. No, actually this isn't the kind of suit that "makes people hate lawyers". It's the kind where you hope he gets drained of money and then fired from a cannon. Don't hype diet Phils, Dr. Pill.

  6. Stranger still, Diane Yuenger was told by someone in the program to meet a man in an In-N-Out Burger parking lot. She did, paying $600 for a plastic bag full of what she was told were her mother's remains. UC Irvine is finally paying up for their Burke & Hare days.

  7. Teen magazines are kind of blah. Catholic religious magazines are very, very blah. I now present to you the Teen Girl Catholic Magazine. You're welcome!
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